Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Two Ds Share Business Success Secret

SUCCESS Blog post| Darren and Donald

The fundamental mindset of business ownership is action-oriented. You must take charge, be a leader, take the initiative to inspire others to accomplish your business critical mission. 

According to  Darren Hardy's recent  SUCCESS Blog post  about  his interview with Donald Trump -  the difference between you, me and The Donald is the daily discipline of practicing  6 simple principles of business success..

Six Simple Business Success Secrets
  1. Love what you do 
  2. Work hard.
  3. Don’t listen to other people’s opinion of you.
  4. Keep working hard even when you don’t want to.
  5. Love and care for your people.
  6. Never, never, never ever give up.

The Dynamic Duo - Darren and The Donald - convey a message of success that is attainable. The ethics of work and persistence are the foundation.  You can be an ordinary person who achieves extraordinary  results - purely because you took strategic and clear action -  "relentlessly, passionately and consistently".

But learning how to gain a real competitive advantage will take a bit more wrestling to reveal those business secrets.  A world-class business owner must gain progressive expertise and advancing levels of  knowledge, power, and wisdom. To wrestle with the best in your niche,  you must learn how to work  smart, diversify your revenue streams, become a thought leader, form joint venture partnerships with experts, provide great products/services locally, and artfully  negotiate while making deals globally. To acquire those skill sets requires coaching and active mentoring to master.

Might  the Dynamic Duo consider conducting more wrestling matches to reveal more advanced secrets ?  It might be interesting to see them collaborate on a book addressing these advanced topics and mentoring the next wave of world-class entrepreneurs.

Are you growing a local small business and participating in the next emerging wave of entrepreneurs?  Are you looking for resources and books to support your development of business knowledge, mindset, and wisdom?  What questions do you have about applying the six business success secrets and growing a global business mindset?

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