Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Live The Life You Design - To Fit You

Is your work or your business impeding your lifestyle?   Are you so busy with money making activities that you do not have time to be with the people you love doing the thing you enjoy the most in life?  Is it time to change how you are dedicating your time and energy?

Want to live  a magnificent life --- a lifestyle that fits your unique talents, disposition, and aspirations?  

You can. But there is an idea that I ask you to consider. Does your work or your business enhance you and fund your lifestyle?   If not, then how can you turn it around - right now? 

There are a number of Lifestyle Design resources that can help you assess, clarify, bring out your hidden desires,  and design your perfect work and play lifesstyle.

I conducted a  Search on and found Blackbelt of the Mind - by Dr. Fred Grosse.     I found that Dr. Fred Grosse is an expert change agent - helping you achieve high performance goals and to assist you in creating your magnificent life by design.

"High achievers want to maximize their income while effectively reducing the time it takes to produce it, simultaneously taking a quantum leap towards living a magnificent life. Dr Grosse’s technique centers on the most effective use of time. There is a level of productivity that can never be achieved merely by working harder, only by working smarter, and this is where the expertise of Dr Grosse plays an invaluable role."
Black Belt of the Mind - A Conscious Approach to Wealth 

Dr. Fred Grosse

"He teaches psychological tools that undo the subtle, unconscious obstacles which can keep even top achievers from fulfilling their potential. He demonstrates how to move beyond previous comfort zones, rediscover passion, use inner assets and realize tangible, life-changing results. Dr Grosse has proven to be a master at pinpointing specific key strategies that empower and inspire the top echelons to achieve results even they have previously found elusive."

Get it, read it, tell me how you are creating and living your magnificent life.

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