Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Diamond Trumpet Marketing Resources - Black Belt of the Mind

Diamond Trumpet Marketing Resources - Black Belt of the Mind

I  look forward to chatting with with Dr. Grosse this week. With over 30 years experience Dr. Grosse is coach and mentor to some of the highest performing entrepreneurs in the real estate and broad spectrum financial industries in the USA and Australasia. Dr. Grosse earned his doctorate in clinical psychology at the International College in Los Angeles. From his depth of understanding of how the human mind works, he guides people to transform their lives through the process of commitment, personal accountability and positive habit formation. Dr. Grosse believes that your mind is your greatest ally and his underlying theme is "Life is primary, work funds life--don’t get it backwards."

This morning I was thinking about how to structure my daily habits to make money for me- instead of consuming my money and time.  I just ordered a copy of his book Black Belt of the Mind (A Conscious Approach to Wealth).
 The content guides you on a journey of self-discovery that will empower your business and enhance your personal life. It’s not just about succeeding in business. It’s about cultivating, nurturing and growing a more meaningful life and enjoying it to the fullest. 
The Amazon reviews are positive and I'm excited to uncover:
  • How to develop a passion for dollar productive behavior.
  • The power of "mooring lines" and how to eliminate them.
  • How "one-mindedness" can work for you.
  • How to use the 8 Point Plan for change.
  • How to operate with impeccable integrity.
  • How to create a Magnificent Life.

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