Sunday, September 19, 2010

CEO Space - Retreat for Entrepreneurs and Investors

Build Your Network at CEO Space 
 CEO Space is a global business development membership club that enriches my personal and professional life. Build Your Network of clients and venture partners at CEO Space.

CEO Space hosts five annual CEO retreat weeks a year. A team of leading Fortune 500 CEO Coaches provide MBA lesson plans including day and evening on demand team coaching within a single fee plan. Corporate group rates apply. CEO Space Graduates enjoy lifetime benefits which extend through a network of world wide business clubs that foster cooperative vs. competitive business practices. Mentors and investors report CEO Space "sweet spot" for both.

Call 1.888.886.8913 to schedule an initial phone consultation.  Register today for a free business acceleration consultation with my colleague Dr. Richard Kaye, Vice President of CEO Space:

Lifetime Business Networking and Trade Show 
Recent celebrity faculty included Chuck Vollmer, author of Jobenomics, who initiated the 20 By 20 (20 million jobs by 2020) campaign at CEO Space. The celebrity faculty & participants are from diverse backgrounds - brand strategists, marketing managers, patent lawyers, business planners, project managers, technologists, inventors, economists, university faculty, space designers, architects, investors, and celebrity musicians, actors, artists, athletes. The faculty provide free advising, coaching, serve as mentors, strategists, and engage in business-building conversations during meals and group sessions.

The CEO Space Trade Show is awesome.  There will be over 500 business owners and people in transition attending Sept 28-Oct 3, 2010.  Berny Dohrman, Chairman, talks about The CEO Space Trade Show Expo -
Berny Dohrmann, Founder

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