Friday, June 18, 2010

Content Marketing Masters - Part Two

The Lead Nurturing Secrets of the Marketing Masters
Launch Element 2 -
Content-Rich Experience that Creates Buyer's Buzz: 
As a subscriber, I gain access to the subject matter content offered by the expert. If the material is useful and pertains to what  I am needing and seeking,  then I want to experience, consume, use,   and share the information with others in my network. Each of these marketing masters offered remarkable, original content that was engaging, entertaining,educational,  and had high production and business application value. 

The subject matter experts produced well written content to communicate compelling stories, benefits,  and to sustain attention and anticipation through sequencing of email messages, blog articles, e-books, white papers, video web-casts,  interview pod-casts, live streaming web events, mailed post cards, and free telephone consultations. 

These marketing masters engaged participants by being personable and telling their story of overcoming struggle and their professional transformation.  They present a vision of the customer's potential for personal growth  and business transformation, they stimulate questions and curiosity for the next dose of information, they provided answer to your burning questions through educational and motivational content, and  they nurture a relationship with their online and off line communities of fans, followers, and potential customers. 

Examples of Lead Nurturing and Relationship Building
  • Hubspot's   Lead Nurturing Software  & Inbound Marketing University  free content which includes free webinars, written papers, blogs,  IMU training certification,  YouTube movie trailers, and access to analytic software tools such as Graders for your Website,  Facebook, Twitter and more..
  • Jeff Walker's  Product  Launch Millionaires   -  this leader provides a  state of the online product launch overview and offers a "behind the scenes" glimpse of  the launch hits and misses .
  • Anne Sieg & Mark Hoverson's Marketing Merge demonstrate effective use of video marketing for communicating the lifestyle of a home business owner.
  • Jonathan Mizel's live U-streaming web-cast from Hawaii  of  Traffic Evolution was educational, entertaining, engaging, and interactive.
  •  The Mysterious Stranger  created buyer's buzz for  Frank Kern's     List Control.
  • David Wood offers a free Get Paid For Who You Are   e-book, online community building, and charitable donation engagement activity.
  •  Brendon Burchard's Experts Academy   shows the best use of video marketing to present valuable knowledge and strategies that can be immediately applied to starting your consulting and coaching business.
  •  Robert Kiyosaki's   Rich Dad Coaching & Education  includes the offer of  free admission to in-person city tours, access to online money management and investment training,  with a phone call from a coach
Get BitPipe's white paper called   The Definitive Guide to Lead Nurturing - Lead nurturing is not sending out an e-newsletter on a semi-regular basis, randomly calling leads every six weeks to see if they're ready to buy, or offering content that does not take into account your prospects' interests. Lead nurturing is relationship building with qualified prospective customers - so that they'll be thinking of you when they are finally ready to buy."  
Each of these pre-launch activities included the use of sequenced email communication, interactions on social media such as Facebook Page, Twitter Page, LinkedIn Page, Ning Networks, Google Buzz, blog sites, and other platforms to nurture leads, build relationships, engage online conversations, and stimulate buyer's buzz around the impending launch event.

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