Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Content Marketing Masters - Part One

  The Landing Page Secrets of the Marketing Masters

Launch Element 1 - Compelling Domain Names, Landing Pages, Call to Action to Opt-in: Notice how the expert marketers all use  natural language to select their  product website domain names. Even though they represent diverse business niche markets, they all selected great domain names to build their Brand Identify.  The landing pages displayed easy to read headlines of the offer, brief sales videos explaining the benefits, and opt-in forms positioned above the fold. Some of landing pages followed the winning formula of using red headline letters, marking the headline text in quotation marks, with a video justified to the left side of the page.  The conventional wisdom is to use natural language for product branding, so that the internet user can easily find these landing in an organic key word search. These experts demonstrate the power of search engine optimization by  selecting the key words that are salient to the psycho-social business needs of the prospective customer.

Examples of Compelling Domain Names, Landing Pages, Call to Action to Opt-in

The whole point at the pre-launch stage is to compel me (a lead)  to enter my contact information into the subscription form giving permission to receive subsequent offer emails. The initial email communication may have included a preview pre launch teaser about an upcoming offer, a launch event,  and the link to the website.  These marketing masters all had compelling preview launch stories and call to action statements that created curiosity and anticipation in the email recipient and website visitor.  The visitor's willingness to enter contact information into the subscription form activates the pre-launch sequence of lead nurturing activities.

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